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Our Story

Mission of Kosmos Anime

As an entertainer and anime lover, we want our weebs community to feel attached and truly feel the essence of every single production of anime. However, we come to a challenge of being only able to deliver our knowledge and love through online social media presence:

  • Instagram (Daily anime memes / reels)
  • Tiktok (Entertaining anime tok that brings surprising anime facts and cultures)
  • YouTube (In-depth analysis on anime theories for One Piece and more)

We realised that we are not doing enough, doing enough of what we love to entertain our fellow weebs community, we want to build something more memorable, more heart-touching, something bigger that can resonate with PEOPLE LIKE YOU.

Launching an anime blog was our initial idea, but it didn’t work out very well since our other social media contents overlapped the purpose of blogs. Therefore, we conclude launching anime merchandise, unique anime merchandise which can create a unique experience to dive deeper into the beauty of the anime world.

 As you can tell, we love every single production of anime, but One Piece has a special place in our hearts. One Piece has accompanied us since our childhood and has gone through a lot of difficult times together. It is the anime that starts our journey and will continue to be remembered in our memories until the day it ended. If you are a hard-core One-Piece fan, this place will be heaven for you!


The Future of Kosmos Anime

We aren’t stopping here; we know we are capable of bigger and greater things. We want to contribute more to the weebs community, we want people to feel and get closer to the fantasy of the anime world. In the future, the first thing we are going to focus on is to relaunch our blog site in a unique way, inspired by Crunchyroll and Fun Animation.

Other than that, we always have a goal of delivering our self-made animation that focuses on funny, pranks, memes, and jokes style. These types of animation are inspired by fan-made animations. We feel like these types of fan-made animations are so much more entertaining and easier to drag ourselves into the anime world. These are the listed 4 BIG GOALS we want to achieve in the next 10 years

  • Relaunch a unique blog site for anime lovers
  • The creation of self-made animation / manga (Inspired by fan-made animations)
  • Creation of anime video games that allow weebs to immerse themselves as the anime protagonist
  • Launching anime loot-box subscription program that contains a monthly surprise

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